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Into the Stages of Development of Womanhood

HEALING JOURNEY with Svarup – Into the Stages of Development of Womanhood - is designed to lead you back in time through different layers of conditioning. At each layer, we heal the wounds of that particular age and find back the essence that was natural for us at that age.

EMBRACING WOMANHOOD will happen in person from September 21-24 in Ratnieki, Latvia.

We start the journey by meeting the Little Girl inside. Exploring the Roles you had to play for mother and afterwards healing the baby child.

Why do we go backwards in time? Because to get to the sense of just being and blossoming, we need to “unpeel” the layers of personality that our conditioning has created around it. As children, we feel very different in the body and in our minds at different ages. As babies, we can’t walk or talk, as 2 year old, we want to run, say no, etc…

We continue the process by working with the wounds and the immense energetic potential that awakens sexuality and vision for everyone, during the period of Teenage.

Teenage is the period in life when sexual energy awakens. It is the birth of a new powerful sensation in the body, and a new strong physical longing. Longing of a teenager is not only physical or hormonal, but it is also visionary and the fuel for our dreams, of what we want to do with our lives…

This was for many of us a challenging time, with no one to really teach us to understand, enjoy and explore passion, which is the natural connection between sex and heart.

The wounded teenager is still alive in us. As we grow up, the shame, the split and the frozenness are still there, unprocessed in the background of our unconscious, preventing us from fully enjoying being easy and natural in our bodies.

By healing the wounds of the past, we learn to embrace the natural, sensuous, passionate teenager that is also still alive in our body and soul.

We can, as adults, learn to become whole again, reconnect with the source of our energy, and love and nourish our bodies as the temples of our soul.

The journey will be facilitated by Svarup. She is specialized in Deconditioning work, both childhood (Primal), and adolescence and sexuality (Tantra), and is a teacher of Essence Work.

EMBRACING WOMANHOOD will happen in person from September 21-24 in Ratnieki, Latvia.
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